The Redesign Trust Portal

One platform to manage your security program and compliance posture

Single, centralized platform that is fully integrated with your security tools.
REDESIGN Trust Portal
REDESIGN Trust Portal

Trust made simple

In a digital world, trust and security are crucial. Safeguard your business with the Redesign Trust Portal. Our platform simplifies cybersecurity and compliance management, elevating your security program’s efficiency while reducing costs. Trust is made simple with Redesign.


Achieve compliance with security frameworks relevant to your business, regulators and customers.


Streamline our processes and empower your team by automating the collection and reporting of control evidence.


Partner with Redesign experts and your key stakeholders to understand and fulfill control requirements.


Continuously calibrate the efficacy of your controls as security frameworks evolve to stay ahead of threats.

We got your back

Deliver outcomes that set your business up for success

Faster achieving security compliance
Detection and response to cyber threats
More cost savings using managed services

compliance to security frameworks

Achieve rapid compliance with critical security frameworks and regulatory requirements, saving time and resources while empowering your business to pursue growth and innovation.

REDESIGN Trust Portal automated compliance
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Included with subscription
The Trust Portal is included with all Managed Security Services subscription tiers.
White-glove onboarding
Dedicated Client Success Coordinator to ensure a fast and efficient onboarding.
Global cybersecurity team
Utilize our team of cybersecurity specialists, to design, implement, and manage your cybersecurity program.

Enter the future of cybersecurity

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Redesign Trust

Transform your cybersecurity program with an automated,
all-in-one security platform

Gap Analysis

Reduce time spent on security questionnaires

Identify, prioritize, and address security control gaps to improve your security posture and comply with the framework's requirements. Take a step towards enhancing your security infrastructure and maintain trust of your customers and stakeholders.

Policies & Procedures

Pre-built templates to meet your needs

We offer security policy and procedure templates that organizations can customize to fit their needs. These templates align with industry best practices and compliance standards, saving time and ensuring a strong security posture.

Security Awareness Training

Build a culture of security

Invest in the professional development of your employees through our interactive and customizable training programs on how to identify and mitigate security risk. Let’s join hands and commit to building a culture of security awareness and resilience today.

Vulnerability Scanning & Pen Testing

Identify and remediate vulnerabilities

Discover vulnerabilities in your computer systems, networks, and applications that could be exploited by attackers, and receive prioritized recommendations on how to remediate them. Build future where we can operate with confidence and peace of mind.

Compliance Frameworks

Protect your business and reputation

Gain access to a variety of security frameworks and compliance standards to align with industry best practices and regulator requirements. Your business can be capable of navigating complex and challenging security environments with ease.

Remediation Tracker

Prioritize the most critical security tasks

Centralize, track, and manage all cybersecurity related activities. Assign tasks and monitor progress to ensure security risks are remediated within SLAs. Take control of security posture and embrace the power of centralized, efficient cybersecurity management today!

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