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As organizations continue to reinvent their digital leadership strategy, our security program ensures that change, transformation, and continuous innovation is implemented securely.


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Redesign Trust

Leverage our expertise to align the right cybersecurity architecture and managed services to meet the needs of your business

Cybersecurity Solutions

We design, build, and implement cybersecurity solutions that are tailored to your needs.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Utilize our deep pool of cybersecurity engineering resources to accomplish your business objectives.

Audits & Assessments

Enlist our certified experts to assess the cybersecurity risk to your business against leading security frameworks.

Managed Security Services

Enhance your cybersecurity posture with our 24x7 Managed Security Services.

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Our approach to cybersecurity

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Reassess cyber risks

A Rapid Risk Assessment utilizing a leading security framework to provide you with prioritized recommendations to immediately improve your business' cyber risk posture.

Remediate critical vulnerabilities

A prioritized security roadmap with cost estimates and level or effort required to address your most critical areas of cyber risk and rapidly improve your cybersecurity program.

Redesign cybersecurity strategy

A modern Zero-Trust cybersecurity architecture that is designed to proactively defend against advanced cyber threats targeting your business.

Reduild cybersecurity defenses

Implement Defense in Depth cybersecurity technologies and controls that scale with your business.

Reoperate 24x7 detection and response

Managed Security Services to proactively monitor, detect, and respond to cyber threats.

Accelerate the modernization of cybersecurity for your business

Tailored to your business

Focused cybersecurity solutions that help you scale your business while adhering to applicable industry standards and regulatory requirements.

On-demand expertise

Immediately augment your cybersecurity program with our global team of trained and certified cybersecurity professionals.‍

Return on investment

Leverage cost-effective and predictable subscription models to implement a cybersecurity program that scales with your business.

The Redesign Trust Portal

Mission control for your cybersecurity program

A real-time cybersecurity dashboard to effectively manage your cybersecurity program and automate your compliance requirements.