Release Notes

See what's new with The Redesign Trust Portal

April 18, 2024


New features
  • Gap Analysis Export:  Now you can effortlessly export Gap Analysis questions and answers to Excel for further analysis and reporting.
  • User Invitations:  All users now have the ability to invite others to the Trust Portal, enhancing collaboration and user management.
  • Remediation Tracker Note Field:  Added a Note field for all remediations in the Remediation Tracker page, enabling better documentation and tracking.
  • License Management Tool Display:  Predefined tools names are now displayed in License Management, providing clearer insights into tool usage.
  • Risk Management IP Display:  Improved the display of IP ranges on the Risk Management page, especially when risks involve multiple assets.
  • Security Framework Icon Size:  Increased the size of Security Framework icon images on the Dashboard for improved visibility and usability.
  • Pagination Enhancement:  Moved the pagination component to the bottom of all pages, enhancing navigation and user experience.
  • Login Page Password Rules:  Updated the sign-up page to display password rules when the password field is in focus, ensuring users meet security requirements.
Bug Fixes
  • Rapid7 Site ID:  Corrected error messaging for Rapid7 site IDs, ensuring accurate troubleshooting and integration.
  • Consulting Hours Calculation:  Fixed a bug in the Engineering dashboard that was causing inaccuracies in consulting hours calculation.
  • Technical Information:  Resolved an issue that was blocking the creation of IP ranges and wireless networks in Technical Information.

April 5, 2024

New features
  • License Management:  Introducing the new License Management page, allowing seamless management of security software licenses. Keep track of current license utilization and receive notifications when usage approaches the limit.
  • Top Events Dashboard Widget:  Added a new widget on the Dashboard page to showcase the Top 10 Security Events, providing quick access to critical security insights.
  • Gap Analysis Filter:  Enhanced the Gap Analysis page with a new filter by answer option, facilitating more granular analysis and streamlined navigation.
Bug Fixes
  • Wireless Networks:  Resolved an issue where Wireless Network details were not saving correctly, ensuring accurate data recording and management.
  • Risk Management Widget:  Fixed a bug where the statistics displayed on the Risk Management widget on the Dashboard did not match the data on the Risk Management page, ensuring consistency and reliability in reporting.

March 22, 2024

New features
  • Enhanced Security Awareness Monitoring:  We've expanded the Security Awareness page with two additional tabs, providing comprehensive insights into completion details for both Security Awareness Training and Phishing Campaigns. Now, you can easily track and analyze participant progress and engagement levels, empowering you to bolster your organization's security posture effectively.
  • Enhanced Remediation Tracking:  Track remediation actions directly within the Risk details pop-up screen, streamlining risk management by enabling seamless monitoring and documentation of remedial measures in one centralized location.
  • Efficient Risk Editing:  Editing risks is now simpler and more convenient with the newly added ability to edit risks directly from the Risk Management page. Swiftly update risk information, ensuring accuracy and agility in your risk management processes.
  • Expanded Gap Analysis Window:  Enriched the Gap Analysis window on the Dashboard to provide comprehensive insights into control status, enhancing your ability to manage risks effectively.
  • Framework Compliance Visualizations:  The Framework Compliance window now displays the logos of each framework directly on the Dashboard, offering a quick and intuitive overview of framework adherence. This enhancement facilitates better navigation and enhances the user experience.
  • Dashboard Aesthetic Improvements:  Various aesthetic enhancements have been made to the Dashboard, ensuring a more seamless user interaction and improving overall look and feel.
Bug Fixes
  • Risk Management:  Resolved an issue where the Discovered Date would incorrectly change after editing a Risk, ensuring data integrity and consistency in risk tracking.
  • Notifications:  Addressed an issue where text within Notifications was not displaying correctly, ensuring clear and accurate communication of important updates and alerts.
  • Event Management:  Fixed an API integration issue with Rapid7 that was impacting event details being displayed.

March 13, 2024

New features
  • Risk Management:  Introducing the new Risk Management page. Risks identified through Vulnerability Management scans and Attack Surface Management assessments are seamlessly integrated and will automatically populate the Risk Management page. Users can also manually create new risks as needed.  From this page, users can create and assign remediation tasks for identified risks.  Additionally, users have the ability to accept a risk, provide a business justification, and set an expiration date for the Risk Acceptance.

  • Dashboard:  Added new Top Risks panel that displays a company’s Top 10 Risks
  • Remediation Tracker:  Both User and Admin role types can now select multiple remediations to be Assigned or Resolved
  • Gap Analysis:  Integrated Control History to the Gap Analysis Questionnaire for an enhanced audit trail for tracking changes
Bug Fixes
  • User Invite:  Addressed an issue where new users invites were not being sent properly
  • Login: Fixed an issue where users with multiple companies were not being deactivated properly

February 23, 2024

New features
  • Release Notes:  Added new Release Notes icon that takes the user to the Release Notes page
  • About:  Added new About link that displays the Trust Portal version and last update
  • Remediation Tracker:  Updated the design of the Remediation Tracker page for a better visual display
  • Remediation Tracker:  Made Owner Name an optional field when creating a New Remediation
  • Manage Users:  Added functionality for company admin to enforce the use of MFA on their users
  • Sign-Up:  A user can now sign-up without a phone number
Bug Fixes
  • Dashboard:  Fixed a bug where deleted remediations were not updating the Dashboard totals
  • Network Protection: Fixed a bug where Network Protection incidents were not displaying the correct date
  • Attack Surface Management:  Fixed a bug where assets were not populating in Attack Surface Management findings
  • Global - Fixed a bug where Redesign team members’ activity were showing as another company