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We design and implement complete solutions accounting for the critical interdependencies of your IT environment
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We believe that proposing the right solution begins with completing a thorough discovery of our clients technology landscape, business objectives, and values. Our solution recommendations are fully validated, from the ability to achieve the desired outcomes to ensuring compatibility with existing infrastructure and applications.

Save time
Our subject matter experts can very quickly distill from complexity, a clear path forward. Accelerate time to value without compromising quality.
Reduce cost
Our high volume vendor relationships extends price incentives to our customers, both large and small. Buy at the best price, but with the most value.
Mitigate risk
Our solutions are validated within our lab environment, and through meticulous design from our solution architects, from cards and cables to applications.

A Streamlined Experience

We pride ourselves in streamlining the technology decision making process by following a simple framework the enables clients to make confident decisions without wasted time.

Capturing the Existing State

Our discovery process includes the capturing of existing infrastructure performance metrics, rack elevations, network diagrams, and the total cost of ownership for the existing state of the environment.

Solution Ideation

We conduct an internal ideation session to document the existing state, the desired outcomes, and propose new solution recommendations that achieve those outcomes

Non Biased Recomendations

In actively partnering with over 100+ manufacturers across the industry, we possess a deep understanding of today’s nuanced and complex technology landscape, allowing us to design and recommend agnostic solutions based explicitly on our customers’ unique needs and challenges.

Making Good on Our Promises

Implementation is where most projects fail. But not with REDESIGN. Our dedicated delivery team will manage the implementation from on-site rack & stack, through production migration. We pride ourselves on earning a long term partnership, one successful implementation at a time.
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White Glove Delivery

We believe in human centric delivery services. Our people come to see your people, and ensure that the job gets done the right way.

Our White Glove Delivery Service includes highly capable, certified, onsite implementation engineers who handle everything from the physical rack and stack of your new equipment through the migration to ensure the quickest time to value.
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