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Our imperative is to create a better future. The only sustainable way to do that, is to help people prosper.
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Turn complexity into opportunity

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Fastest growing company
Ranked 17th in CRN magazine across North America as a fastest growing company, we continue to double each year. That growth leads to opportunity. In the ability to find potential within the complexity, to evolve your skillsets, or to assume new leadership roles
Authenticity and transparency
We believe that hierarchy can be leveraged to create goodness, rather than oppression. But only through authentic and transparent leadership. Redesign creates an environment centered on truth, which leads to trust. When employees can trust that they work in a merit-based environment, they can freely achieve their potential.
Inspiring curiosity
At Redesign, you’ll experience a balance between what is known, and what is unknown. This is meant to inspire curiosity, personal and professional growth, and enable the participation in creating something new.
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Eunice Kang
“Immerse yourself in a team of innovators, entrepreneurs and curious-minded talents.”

Hiring around the globe

We love to be engaged with the world, across a diverse set of cultures, languages, and values. It contributes to our evolving perspective of what the market needs. But greater than that, it reminds us that no matter where you are, what’s essential remains the same. Human experience.
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