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Real-Time Global Collaboration

A Media & Entertainment Organization
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How to connect global users into a common data hub
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A large Animation Studio requested an engagement to modernize their Production Pipeline and enable real-time data access to global users, in an effort to increase productivity measured in finished minutes by user, per day.
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Don Sarras
“[RE]DESIGN cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power”
Data silos create bottlenecks in downstream enrichment processes, impacting collaboration

Global collaboration between Los Angeles and India was breaking down due to the inaccessibility of files when attempting to load source material with creative applications. This required constant IT support to enable file syncing. Several hours could be lost per day, waiting for files to become accessible.

Our aproach
Deploy a common data architecture and management solution to achieve a 30% increase in productivity

Deploy a common high performance filesystem across both primary datacenters, inclusive of Public Cloud in AWS or Azure, with our real-time data fabric to ensure file access for all global users. Any file related to a task in Shotgrid for an Artist is made accessible within 15 seconds, anywhere.