Elevate Your Security Standards

Enhance your security posture for media industry collaboration with MPA's TPN+ platform and assessments.

In early 2023, the Motion Pictures Association (MPA) released the latest version of their Content Security Best Practice Controls, alongside a new web platform ‘TPN+’ for vendors and assessors to store their security status and assessment outcomes as structured data. This data is available to studio content owners to support risk based decision making when choosing vendors.

If you wish to work with the main media and entertainment industry content owners, then being assessed against the MPA content security best practice controls using the TPN+ portal gives these content owners insight into your current security posture, and helpfully informs your conversations about prioritization and justification of security investments.

Whether you would like an informal chat to discuss how to approach industry security controls, require a full suite of security services including gap analysis of current state, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, security policy development and network engineering support, or whether you just require the TPN Gold Shield assessment from a qualified Site or Cloud TPN assessor, Redesign are here to help with any and all of the above.

Charlie Evatt
Redesign Qualified TPN Assessor - Level 3

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