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Edge to Cloud for HPC Workloads

A Biotechnology Organization
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How to make sequencing data available in real-time, anywhere
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A fast-growing biotechnology organization requested that [RE]DESIGN provide recommendations for a next generation storage solution. With several hundred researchers spread out across multiple facilities, and a need to collaborate with 3rd party researchers across the world, [RE]DESIGN proposed our Real-Time “Edge to Cloud” Data Fabric for the HPC industry.
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Dan Serras
“[RE]DESIGN cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power”
How might we make large DNA sequencer source files immediately available to worldwide researchers?

Sequencing data and any raw data formats generated at any facility, must become immediately accessible to all facilities and worldwide users within their analysis applications and workflows. The expected lead time for access to these source files was under 1-hour.

Our aproach
Implement an Edge to Cloud platform that makes data immediately available to any worldwide user

Our solution was designed within an “Edge to Cloud” framework leveraging our OEM appliance that’s purpose built for enabling real-time data access for HPC use cases. This solution can be deployed at each facility for Edge compute and data capture. Each appliance integrates with Azure or AWS public cloud, and forms a common data fabric across all locations. Any data ingested from any facility, either physical or cloud based, is available within 15 seconds to all users.