"Value creation starts with great people."

- Joe Sanginario, CEO


As Co-Founder and CEO of The [RE]DESIGN Group, my focus is first on exceeding the expectations of our employees and contractors. I care most about providing meaningful work and an opportunity to engage with the world in a unique and empowering way.  Our philosophy is to stay curious. To understand what’s essential to each industry, company, business unit and individual. To determine where we can create value with technology and help achieve what’s possible. It’s about your agenda, not ours. We are grateful to have an opportunity to ask meaningful questions, provide our best recommendations, help manage complexity and inspire innovation within the enterprise. Our objective is to ensure that every activity we engage in, is a step towards building a long term successful partnership. Lastly, we believe in having social responsibility and creating a platform that's focused on improving human prosperity. 

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I am a passionate technologist who believes people and technology will solve the world's greatest problems.  My exciting career has taken me through a wide range of technology areas and led to a diverse skill set in areas including application development, system administration, system architecture, cloud technologies, IT consulting, and information security. As Co-Founder and CTO of The [RE]DESIGN Group I bring my experience and expertise to mentor and coach teams of technologists and leverage our combined strength to help people solve problems in every vertical all over the world.  I have a passion for making people and technology work - and welcome all contacts from colleagues, partners, and those looking to join us!

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As President of The [RE]DESIGN Group I am responsible for building the team, process and technology to deliver an exceptional customer experience and technology driven business outcomes for our clients. I am passionate about building long term partnerships through value creation, and we are focused on bringing together a team of the brightest sales, engineering, and operation experts to build the technology solution provider of the future. Please reach out if you are interested in joining our team!

Prior to joining [RE]DESIGN, I spent 10 years in Enterprise Technology most notably at Dell EMC where I led Data Center Sales and Engineering across major markets in California.

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I am a certified information security professional. I gained CISSP certification in 2016, and became a Trusted Partner Network (TPN) Qualified Assessor upon launch. I have worked extensively with IT infrastructure technologies over two decades, and spent much of that time supporting the Media and Entertainment industry. My career at Deluxe Entertainment included the architecture, and implementation of content workflow solutions.


Most recently I spent three years conducting security assessments of global vendors for content owners including some of the Major Film Studios. I have participated in strategic discussions, event moderations, and exam writing. I studied Mathematics and Computing leading to a DipHE in the 1990s, and graduated in Dance Theatre in the early 2000s.


As Vice President International at The [RE]DESIGN Group, my primary focus is to expand the business in Europe. I am resident in the UK and based out of London.

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Den Serras is a specialist in entertainment workflow, with years of experience as a tech creative in VFX, animation, production, and design. He has led the creation of workflows and software pipelines for clients in features, commercials, animation, stereo conversion and VFX outsourcing, AAA games, motion graphics, and design. Den has worked for Deluxe, Activision, and numerous small and mid-sized companies, and is now Director of Pipeline Services at The [RE]DESIGN Group, 

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I am passionate about technology and automation, and how they impact our future. My background is in large-scale render farm management. As a Director of DevOps at The [RE]DESIGN Group, I utilize my passions and background to improve people's lives by creating efficiency in the work place. From troubleshooting printers, to deploying data center hardware, I take pride in my work and strive to learn something new from every experience.

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