As Co-Founder and CEO of The [RE]DESIGN Group, my focus is first on exceeding the expectations of our employees and contractors. I care most about providing meaningful work and an opportunity to engage with the world in a unique and empowering way.  Our philosophy is to stay curious. To understand what’s essential to each industry, company, business unit and individual. To determine where we can create value with technology and help achieve what’s possible. It’s about your agenda, not ours. We are grateful to have an opportunity to ask meaningful questions, provide our best recommendations, help manage complexity and inspire innovation within the enterprise. Our objective is to ensure that every activity we engage in, is a step towards building a long term successful partnership. Lastly, we believe in having social responsibility and creating a platform that's focused on improving human prosperity. 

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I am a passionate technologist who believes people and technology will solve the world's greatest problems.  My exciting career has taken me through a wide range of technology areas and led to a diverse skill set in areas including application development, system administration, system architecture, cloud technologies, IT consulting, and information security. As Co-Founder and CTO of The [RE]DESIGN Group I bring my experience and expertise to mentor and coach teams of technologists and leverage our combined strength to help people solve problems in every vertical all over the world.  I have a passion for making people and technology work - and welcome all contacts from colleagues, partners, and those looking to join us!

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Bio coming soon.

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As VP of Engineering at The [RE]DESIGN Group, I seek to bring human centered design thinking and a passion for technology to our clients and partners.

With a diverse background in systems architecture and administration, network design and implementation, MPAA/CDSA/Marvel security standards, and visual effects workflows, I leverage my experience to meet the unique challenges of our clients. With every interaction, I aim to offer a new approach, listen and adapt, and in doing so we hope to remain your business and technology partner of the future.

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I am a certified information security professional. I gained CISSP certification in 2016, and became a Trusted Partner Network (TPN) Qualified Assessor upon launch. I have worked extensively with IT infrastructure technologies over two decades, and spent much of that time supporting the Media and Entertainment industry. My career at Deluxe Entertainment included the architecture, and implementation of content workflow solutions.


Most recently I spent three years conducting security assessments of global vendors for content owners including some of the Major Film Studios. I have participated in strategic discussions, event moderations, and exam writing. I studied Mathematics and Computing leading to a DipHE in the 1990s, and graduated in Dance Theatre in the early 2000s.


As Vice President International at The [RE]DESIGN Group, my primary focus is to expand the business in Europe. I am resident in the UK and based out of London.

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As a Senior Solutions Architect at The [RE]DESIGN Group, my primary focus is on R&D and workflow optimization in conjunction with the documentation required for the Media & Entertainment industry.  I have served in engineering roles at several companies who are focused in rich media workflows including image capture and processing, transcoding, storage, networking, transmissions, and archival.  I am currently an active member of SMPTE.

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Den Serras is a specialist in entertainment workflow, with years of experience as a tech creative in VFX, animation, production, and design. He has led the creation of workflows and software pipelines for clients in features, commercials, animation, stereo conversion and VFX outsourcing, AAA games, motion graphics, and design. Den has worked for Deluxe, Activision, and numerous small and mid-sized companies, and is now Director of Pipeline Services at The [RE]DESIGN Group, 

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I am passionate about technology and automation, and how they impact our future. My background is in large-scale render farm management. As a Director of DevOps at The [RE]DESIGN Group, I utilize my passions and background to improve people's lives by creating efficiency in the work place. From troubleshooting printers, to deploying data center hardware, I take pride in my work and strive to learn something new from every experience.

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I am passionate about solving problems and challenges that are provided to me. My experience in IT has taught me to always look for new technologies that would decrease time spent on workflow. I take pride in my work and strive to adequately help where I can. 


I am a passionate extrovert that enjoys learning how people and businesses operate. As Director of Operations at The [RE]DESIGN Group I seek to tie people and processes together for strong long-term partnerships. By utilizing my knowledge from varied backgrounds of assisting and leading teams of enterprise level to small strike forces across various industries to accomplish shared goals, both internal and external. I aim to streamline and improve ongoing operations for all teams; whether it be internal, client or vendor initiated, to improve the future of doing business. 


As Account Executive at The [RE]DESIGN Group, I'm focused on supporting our clients on their unique paths to becoming better digital businesses.

With a focus on media and entertainment, I've supported dozens of organizations throughout Southern California, and around the world. I feel privileged to work with such a talented, intelligent group of people in pursuit of a worthy mission. 

I love producing creative technology events! I'm passionate about bridging the gap between artists and technologists, so facilitating the sharing of ideas, challenges, and information, and helping people forge new relationships across different disciplines brings me great joy.


As Director of Business Automation and Product Design, my focus is to create workflows to bridge the technology and people. The practice of UX is not limited to digital platforms, but it lies in all aspects of business and our daily lives. My passion for User Experience design begin at Parsons the New School, through practices to digitize offline businesses to online platforms and it continues at [RE]DESIGN to automate [RE] services with digital interactions.

As a system and development service engineer I provide the best IT support and customer service by ensuring the IT infrastructure are efficient and reliable. My role includes providing necessary resources for the developers for software development and deployment. I focus on bridging the gap between developer and IT operations by automating tasks.


Armed with a great team and an education on the fundamentals of electronics, I make it my goal as a Client Services Technician to make any interaction with technology as streamlined as possible. I’ve got an extensive knowledge on computer troubleshooting, experience in Video Production and Grip work, and a passion for awesome hardware. Working at [RE]DESIGN has given me the opportunity to expand what I know and apply what I learn in a way that will create a better workplace.


As a Systems Engineer, I strive to solve the problems and challenges of our clients by finding the solutions that best meet their needs. I have developed my skills in systems administration, deploying and configuring hardware and software, and troubleshooting a variety of technical problems found within the workplace. I continuously learn and train on the latest technologies to expand my knowledge base and to better my ability in supporting our clients. I take pride in my work and knowing that the work I do makes our clients happy makes me happy.


I am an Enterprise Technology Engineer with significant experience in the Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry. I graduated with a Computing and Information Systems degree from Anglia Ruskin University in 2011. I supported Deluxe Entertainment Services Inc. between 2012 and 2019, initially within their Localization division, and then their Cinema Distribution division. I then worked as the Head of Production IT for Technicolor Post in London for six months, before joining [RE]DESIGN as a Senior Solutions Architect. I am considered by others to be a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in content movement and storage workflows, particularly with technologies such as: Aspera, Fibre Channel, Linux, and Mac. I joined [RE]DESIGN at a crucial time of European expansion and provide Production Engineering Support and Architecture Product Design on behalf of the M&E industry.


I am an experienced, results driven technical executive with over 25 years of experience as a leader in technology, with 15+ years as a CTO/CIO. Team builder and innovator in the software, media & entertainment, and technology industries building direct to consumer, B2B Services, internal systems, applications, and IT solutions. Services, products and technologies from my teams power some of the world's largest digital video services across millions of connected devices worldwide by market leaders such as AT&T, Spectrum, Starz, Apple, Netflix, Amazon, Redbox, and all the major motion picture studios. Extensive experience in product and software development, Information Services, Technology (IT), project and cross-functional team management, technical strategy, and intellectual property. Track record of leading an entrepreneurial organization and growing/managing teams to deliver results and products on time and on budget to a vision. Ability to create and develop entire product lines and platforms from scratch and manage through business profitability.


I am an advisor and mentor in the areas of technology, strategy, roadmaps, product development, SaaS, Media & Entertainment, digital video delivery including, OTT/TVE, ad-tech, blockchain, extended Reality(xR), AI/ML, and more.Previously Allan was the Chief Technology Officer of Deluxe Entertainment Services Group, and prior to that was the Chief Architect at Sonic Solutions, where he led the development of company-wide corporate and technology strategies. Before his role at Sonic (now TiVo), following the sale of InterActual to Sonic, where he was the CTO. Allan is a member of the Forbes Technology Council. He is a named inventor on 30 issued patents, holds a MS in Electrical Engineering from UCLA and a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from University of California San Diego.


As an Advisor to The [RE]DESIGN Group, my focus is primarily on finding new technology and workflow solutions for the Media & Entertainment industry. My experience as an executive leading product development teams at Technicolor and Deluxe has allowed me to truly understand the needs of our M&E clients and how [RE]DESIGN can best enable their objectives by being the technology partner of the future.  I feel a desire to give back to the entertainment community  as well and currently serve as Chair of the ASC Motion Imaging Technology Council's Motion Imaging Workflow Committee,  I am active in ACES education and enlightenment, and a member of the ASC's UHD/HDR and VR Committees as well as HPA/SMPTE and DCS.

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