At [RE]DESIGN, we remove obstacles to progress by focusing on what's absolutely essential, creating a plan that delivers maximum business value at the lowest total cost. 

We service a diverse set of industries and types of organizations, from Media & Entertainment to Financial; from start-ups to global enterprises.




  • Converged and Hyper-Converged Solutions

  • Networking

  • Virtualization

  • Communications and Collaboration 

  • Back-up and archival needs

  • High-performance computing needs 

  • Workstations

  • Render and transcode environments

  • Storage systems




  • Cloud consulting and cloud readiness assessments

  • Cloud management, automation, and operations

  • IaaS migration or hybrid cloud

  • SaaS migration or hybrid setup

  • Extending pipeline and infrastructure into public cloud environments

  • Scaling resources on demand




  • End-point protection - anti-malware, OS/app-server hardening, policy enforcement

  • Physical security - cameras, DVR, access, alarms, data center cage security

  • Network security - firewalls, IPS/IDS, SIEM, proxies, wireless security

  • Cyber Intel - behavioral analysis, intel gathering and sharing

  • Penetration testing, auditing and assessments

  • Policy development and implementation

  • Encryption and key management

  • Identity and Access Management

  • Application Security

  • Designing and maintaining with strict content protection standards

  • Securing shared services solutions

  • M&E Industry specific compliance (TPN)




  • Workflow/Pipeline automation

  • Autodesk Shotgun deployments 

  • Pipeline support on an as-needed basis 

  • Tying into cloud resources

  • Integrating to on-premises infrastructure 

  • Third party pipeline integration




  • Real time & volumetric capture pipelines

  • Data management solutions for VR | AR workloads

  • Workflow optimization

  • Content distribution with EEVO 




Our Advanced Studio IT team has a proven track record of delivering meaningful results by enabling our clients to adapt to rapidly changing production requirements. 

  • Business transformation assessments – (Workflow & Infrastructure)

  • TPN assessment preparation and remediation  

  • TPN assessment with certified TPN assessor

  • Autodesk Shotgun implementations  

  • Studio IT support and troubleshooting  

  • Artist toolkits and infrastructure solutions  

  • Cloud rendering and review pipelines

  • Shared production IT infrastructure solutions

  • Systems integration

  • Pipeline development and automation  

  • Studio IT managed services  

  • Efficient, secure global collaboration

  • Artist Anywhere Beta Program

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