At [RE]DESIGN, we remove obstacles to progress by focusing on what's absolutely essential, creating a plan that delivers maximum business value at the lowest total cost. 

We service a diverse set of industries and types of organizations, from Media & Entertainment to Financial; from start-ups to global enterprises.




Converged and Hyper-Converged Solutions



Communications and Collaboration 

Back-up and archival needs

High-performance computing needs 


Render and transcode environments

Storage systems




Cloud consulting and cloud readiness assessments

Cloud management, automation, and operations

IaaS migration or hybrid cloud

SaaS migration or hybrid setup

Extending pipeline and infrastructure into public cloud environments

Scaling resources on demand




End-point protection - anti-malware, OS/app-server hardening, policy enforcement

Physical security - cameras, DVR, access, alarms, data center cage security

Network security - firewalls, IPS/IDS, SIEM, proxies, wireless security

Cyber Intel - behavioral analysis, intel gathering and sharing

Penetration testing, auditing and assessments

Policy development and implementation

Encryption and key management

Identity and Access Management

Application Security

Designing and maintaining with strict content protection standards

Securing shared services solutions

M&E Industry specific compliance (TPN)




Workflow/Pipeline automation

Autodesk Shotgun deployments 

Pipeline support on an as-needed basis 

Tying into cloud resources

Integrating to on-premises infrastructure 

Third party pipeline integration




Real time & volumetric capture pipelines

Data management solutions for VR | AR workloads

Workflow optimization

Content distribution with EEVO 




Our Advanced Studio IT team has a proven track record of delivering meaningful results by enabling our clients to adapt to rapidly changing production requirements. 

Business Transformation Assessments

Workflow & Infrastructure

TPN assessment preparation and remediation  

TPN assessment with qualified TPN assessor

Autodesk Shotgun implementations  

Studio IT support and troubleshooting  

Artist toolkits and infrastructure solutions  

Cloud rendering and review pipelines

Shared production IT infrastructure solutions

Systems integration

Pipeline development and automation  

Studio IT managed services  

Efficient, secure global collaboration

Artist Anywhere Beta Program