To build an adaptable organization that’s centered on learning, recognizing that entrepreneurship is about creating seismic change – in thinking, action and human patterns. Ideas are not fixed and no one idea is the “thing”. Step in, tune in, learn and adjust; and do it from a place of basic goodness. Value is defined by creating change for the better, change that enables human advancement. We strive to create absolute value. 

We believe that everyone has intrinsic value, regardless of their ability to create value for us in return. We treat everyone with dignity and respect. We operate in the service of others; first and always.​

As partners, we aim to be great problem solvers. To be design thinkers. To uncover what is absolutely essential to our customers success. To care about your agenda, not ours. To constantly innovate. To have the opportunity to create value in any way possible.​


The Design Thinking process is an approach to problem solving rooted in empathy. It begins with the interview process, carefully crafting a narrative of what's desirable, viable and feasible for cross-functional teams. We observe. We listen. We ask questions. After earning a deep understanding of what's essential to your organization's success, we create a vision of the future that's attainable, and a roadmap to help you achieve it. 

In times of uncertainty, we need a highly creative and collaborative process that inspires curiosity in the enterprise. We need leadership that enables a "learning organization" to develop, allowing space for the creative process and to think about what's possible. To be human-centered in our approach to problem solving. To be inclusive, recognizing that every part of your organization is critical to the  total customer experience. 


Drala is a Tibetan Buddhist term that means to be of basic goodness in the world. We believe that enterprises and entrepreneurs have a responsibility to contribute value to humanity; to improve human prosperity in some capacity.

The [RE]DESIGN Group aims to always operate from this place of basic goodness. As such, a percentage of our profits go to The Drala Project Global Impact Fund, where we engage in micro-missions in our community.